Viva Italy

[Viva l'Italia]

Country: Italy Year: 2012 Duration: 112 mins Language: Italian with English subtitles Genre Comedy Director: Massimiliano Bruno Cast: Michele Placido, Raoul Bova, Ambra Angiolini, Alessandro Gassman Classification Exemption: 15+

When corrupt senator Michele Spagnolo (Michele Placido, The Ages of Love IFF11) suffers a stroke while in bed with a showgirl, the part of his brain that controls his inhibitions is damaged, creating one of a rare and endangered species – the honest politician.

So begins Viva Italy, director Massimiliano Bruno’s second film (after Escort in Love IFF11), a tale that blends family drama with a scathing satire on the state of Italian politics.

As Michele becomes a loose cannon of brutal honesty in both his personal and professional life, his three children suffer the consequences of his newfound candor. Daughter Susanna (Ambra Angiolini, The Immature: The Trip IFF12) is a terrible actress, Valerio (Alessandro Gassman, Basilicata Coast to Coast IFF10 ) is a lost cause, and Riccardo (Raoul Bova, IFF10 Opener La Nostra Vita) is a successful doctor who no longer speaks to his father. By rushing to their father’s side, the three siblings are forced to face some confronting truths, but these truths do not necessarily set them free.

In this high-energy and complex study of politics and power, big screen favourite Placido delivers yet another captivating performance as a political animal learning to live in an unfamiliar world.

Australian Premiere
2013 David di Donatello - Best Supporting Actress, David the Youth Award (nominated)
All non-English language films will screen in the festival with English subtitles.