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[Il volto di un'altra]

Country: Italy Year: 2012 Duration: 84 mins Language: Italian with English subtitles Genre Drama Director: Pappi Corsicato Cast: Laura Chiatti, Alessandro Preziosi, Lino Guanciale Classification Exemption: 15+

Director Pappi Corsicato has been described as Italy’s Pedro Almodovar, and it’s not hard to see why with this high-camp, over-the-top romp.

Bella (Laura Chiatti, The Ages of Love IFF11) is the gorgeous long-time host of a television program about plastic surgery. Her husband, René (Alessandro Preziosi, Loose Cannons IFF10), is a surgeon who performs operations on guests at his clinic during the show. After being fired due to a drop in the ratings blamed on Bella’s ageing looks, she is in a serious car accident leaving her horribly disfigured. Or is she? Bella soon sees a way to re-launch herself, take her revenge, and make some money on the side. When her attempts to grab her own insurance money are thwarted by the clinic’s maintenance man (Lino Guanciale, Angel of Evil IFF10) plot twists, double crosses, and gorgeous silliness all ensue.

Chiatti was seen in last year’s festival hit Piazza Fontana: The Italian Conspiracy. Here she delivers an equally compelling performance as a woman out for everything she can get. As well as being outrageously entertaining, this is a heavily satirical, and occasionally vulgar film with modern day celebrity and reality TV in the crosshairs.

Australian Premiere
2012 Rome International Film Festival
2013 Seattle International Film Festival
All non-English language films will screen in the festival with English subtitles.